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In only three short years, we’re beginning to learn that the pandemic wasn’t an inflection point of change, but a catalyst that accelerated the future of work, commerce, entertainment, currencies, lifestyles, and desires. 

No matter your brand, future-forward thinking and trend forecasting are more important than ever. Every time consumers look at their phones, they’re overwhelmed by messaging that has the potential to shift their tastes and opinions. Does your brand understand where the future of consumers is heading? You need to be armed with a perspective that is creative, credible, and culturally relevant.

The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice is exclusively dedicated to custom thought leadership and trends research. Our custom process provides critical insights to quantify and drive conversations about social and cultural trends. Brands leverage our research to understand societal evolutions, predict market opportunities, and lead conversations. 

Whether you're looking to build credibility with the media, customers or prospects, or internal stakeholders, our research will ensure you're always ahead of the curve.

Earning ROI Through Thought Leadership

Unlocking revenue and engagement with thought leadership

What’s the ROI of thought leadership today? Fortune 100 executives estimate it to be $3.6 million a year. This report examines the value, challenges, and opportunities to cultivating thought leadership that wins the market.

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The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice is the gold standard in trend analysis and measuring societal change.

Brands work with The Thought Leadership Practice to have a vision on where the world is heading:

  • Develop a future-forward mindset to identify societal trends;
  • Build a long-lasting, consultative partnership;
  • Leverage creative and digestible data storytelling;
  • Discover emerging opportunities and risks in the market;
  • Manage brand strategy and public relations with quantitative and qualitative research;
  • Transform results into actionable intelligence.

Find out why The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice is trusted by a number of Fortune 100 companies to fortify their position, authority, and vision in the market. 

Our thought leadership process starts with IDEAs

Custom Design

Consultative Ideation

Crafting a custom study designed with credibility, creativity, and cultural relevance to capture the minds and attention of the market

Breaking down societal trends for clients to identify the most salient topics for stakeholders, consumers, and the media

Forward Analysis

Expert Execution

Building an engaging narrative to showcase the foundational data, opportunities, influence, and earn long-term authority. With optional deliverables such as whitepapers, videos, and infographics.

Generating proprietary insights from desired target audiences, randing from general population consumers to niche B2B audiences

Place your business leaders at the front with The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice

With years of experience pulsing societal opinion, we design research that is credible, creative, and culturally relevant. Step up your insights with custom data you can count on, designed by research experts.

The Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice is a proven approach for building credible and authentic brand authority. Find out why top brands rely on our expertise and insight today.

Whitepapers & Infographics

Harris designed, researched, and authored a public-facing study to both advocate for gender equality and educate PIMCO's clients on how they can best partner with women investors, a driving force of global wealth who are currently underserved by the industry.

Internal Training & Sales Products

We worked with a major professional services firm to conduct custom online surveys, immersion sessions with industry specialists, and an online listening campaign to publish quarterly thought leadership on important macro trend. We then provided internal training, pitch materials, and sales collateral based on these insights.


At the Word Economic Forum in Davos, Unilever CEO Paul Polman leveraged our research and findings on gender roles in the workplace as the basis for his keynote speech.

Panel Discussions

With MasterCard, we surveyed 900 millennials across 3 key markets. We brought the findings to life at their annual Breakthrough Innovation Forum with a panel of influencers, moderated by Harris' Chief Strategy Officer, as well as an engaging 3-minute highlight reel to share the data.

What Do All Great Leadership Brands Have in Common?

Credibility, Creativity, Cultural Relevance

Companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft rely on The Harris Poll’s Thought Leadership Practice to fortify their position of leadership in the market. Our clients see meaningful results, such as: 


A 3x increase in earned media

A 25% increase in time on site for B2B content, compared to industry benchmarks

Top tier placements in publications like HBR, WSJ, USA Today, NYTimes, and more

Insights that drive C-suite decisions and strategy across the organization

Work & Talk Survey

A New survey from The Harris Poll Thought Leadership & Futures Practice shows that two-thirds of American workers (67%) have experienced "therapy speak" at their workplace. "Therapy speak" refers to an empathetic-sounding language or tone used as a sign of understanding but often fails with appropriate follow-through.

This survey was conducted online within the U.S. by The Harris Poll from April 28th to 30th, 2023, among a

nationally representative sample of 2,075 U.S. adults.

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